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On August 15, 2015, the Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Timmonsville, SC, elected Rev. Darren Prince Dixon as pastor. This election became another milestone in the grand history of the Mount Carmel Baptist Church.  Rev. Dixon follows a heritage of capable and staunch men of the Gospel.  In the year of our Lord, 1832, New Church was established on Brockington Farm in Darlington County by its first pastor Rev. William Brockington.  New Church, which was later named Mount Carmel Methodist Church (a church for both white Methodists and slaves), was the first Methodist church in this area.


As white and black Methodists moved out, black Baptists began to move into the Mount Carmel area and conduct worship services.  As a result of their Baptist faith, Mount Carmel was organized as a Baptist church in 1868. 


Mount Carmel Baptist Church has been led by many pastors since its founding in 1832 and these men of God have dedicated themselves to moving the church forward. It was during the most trying times that their strong faith held them together.  The former pastors of Mount Carmel Baptist Church were: Rev. S. Ham, Rev. G. Carter, Rev. Daniel Jesse, Rev. Eden Rainey Roberts, D.D., Rev. D.M. Pierce, Rev. J. R. Brooks, Rev. McCoy, Rev. McFarin, Rev. Lewis, Rev. Ed Lang, Rev. Frank Griffin, Rev. Judge Pearson, Dr. George H. Sellers, Rev. Louis, W. Walker, Rev. William Thompson, and Dr. Solomon S. Eaddy, Sr.


Mount Carmel Baptist Church of Timmonsville is pleased to announce that its new pastor is the Reverend Darren Prince Dixon of Bennettsville, South Carolina. He is the youngest of five children that were born to Earl and Belinda Dixon. He has three brothers (Shawn, Duane, and Michael) and one sister (Brittany).  He is the grandson of Leroy and Julia Walls and the late Leery and Virginia Dixon.

Pastor Dixon was licensed to preach the Gospel on February 11, 1994 at the impressionable age of 11 years old. He was ordained into the ministry in September of 2006. Pastor Dixon is also a member of Joshua Baptist Church in Dalzell, South Carolina.


Pastor Dixon delivered his first sermon as pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church on the morning of September 20, 2015. He taught from Exodus 14:10-14 and 1 Corinthians 2:9 with the topic of his sermon being: A Dawning of a Brand New Day.



The installation of Rev. Dixon marks the beginning of a momentous new chapter in the life of this noble church and its members of the congregation who indeed look forward to a future of meaningful fellowship under the leadership of the Reverend Darren Prince Dixon.

Reverend Dr. Solomon Eaddy, Sr.
16th Pastor of Mount Carmel
Reverend William Thompson
15th Pastor of Mount Carmel
Reverend Dr. Lewis Walker, Sr.
14th Pastor of Mount Carmel
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